SIMONGAO Brand Information

  • Location : Beijing, China

    Establish : 2012

    Products :
    Women’s haute couture;
    Women’s Ready-to Wear;
    Men’s Ready-to-Wear;
    Shoes ; Bags; Accessories.

    Designer : Simon Gao

    Infused with global avant-garde contemporary art, culture, music, religion, architecture and many other heterogeneous elements, Simon Gao always seeks reform and innovation in his design. By combining elegant yet avant-chic and powerful styles, adopting a clean tailoring, mixing both soft and hard fabrics with convention-breaking new materials, SIMONGAO has created a hyper-modern silhouette and luxury feel of avant-garde. Through his new collection, SIMONGAO has explained his understanding of freedom to the fullest, thus showed a female image with great charisma of independence. SIMONGAO’s signature craftsmanship such as edge stitching, offset print, zipper design and exquisite threading are highly recognizable. Straight lined long coat, volume short jacket and loose cut trousers are SIMONGAO’s unique and highly popular fashion items.

    Brand History :

    2012AW – Brand was established, the first show

    2013SS – the integration of East and West.The haute couture exhibition at Paris Fashion Week

    2013AW- Through the Smoke

    2014SS – POP Zen.SIMONGAO for Galeries Lafayette exclusive collection

    2014AW – The Ice at London fashion week

    2015SS – The Avant-Chic Power

    2015AW Maria Blanchett

    2016SS – Me & My Shadow

    2016AW– Be Your Own Saint

    Resume Of Simon Gao

    Born in 1981, study in Singapore, Switzerland and New Zealand from 15 years old. Graduate at Raffles international college, majoring in fashion brand management. Establish the brand SIMONGAO in 2012

    Simon Gao is one of the hottest and young designers in China.Present his first haute-couture collection at Paris fashon week in 2014,and he was invited to attend the London Fashion Week on the official calendar as the runway show. In the same year he was signing to Paris showroom agency and start to present the collection of every seasons to the medias and buyers.

    Major Award-winning Experience

    2009---- Esquire designer of the year

    2012---- China Best New Designer of the year 

                  Mercedes-Benz China Young Fashion Award

                  Esquire designer of the year

    2014---- ELLE Style Awards independent designer of the year

    2015----PCLADY designer of the year